The Best Places For Organic And Clean Eating In Gold Coast

With the cases of several types of cancers, gastrointestinal diseases and heavy metal toxicity on an alarming rise, the demand for organic or the so-called clean food is spiking in Gold Coast. As the old adage rightly goes – we are what we eat!

What is organic and clean food?

is the method with which the food is grown and processed. It aims mainly at the non-employment of chemical pesticides, bioengineered genes (GMO), and petroleum-based fertilisers. On the other hand, the organic livestock in Gold Coast thrives on organic feed and is bred without artificial hormones or antibiotics. Clean eating, however, is largely practised by eliminating refined and processed foods; and also dairy, gluten and soy in some cases. All this is done with the ultimate goal of achieving sound health and live with less morbidity. If your quest for finding the best restaurants serving healthy food on Gold Coast has got you here, we’ve got you covered with this list:

The Cardamom Pod, Broadbeach

The café at its original Broadbeach location is known for serving delicious vegetarian fare with slight Indian bend. The aim is to encourage healthy vegan food that tastes as flavourful and tasty as the food found in other eateries of the world. Food is like fuel to the body; hence it functions more efficiently with the planet-friendly, plant-based ingredients.

Greenhouse Canteen and Bar, Miami and Coolangatta digs

Even the finickiest of non-vegetarians can't help drooling over the delectable green dishes served by the Greenhouse Canteen. Substituting the mouthwatering beef with jackfruit, its clever alternative, the delicacies are by no means boring.

BSKT Café, Nobby Beach

BSKT Café opened in the Gold Coast with a philosophy of spreading awareness about healthful food. Over the years, it earned the recognition of being a leading name in the global health food industry. Healthy eating should be a norm and not an occasional occurrence. Hence, for the people who strive to stick to vegan, gluten-free or Paleo diets, BSKT café gladly extends choices to opt from. They’ll be glad to let their story of making the world a healthier place continue with you.

Marie Anita’s, Mermaid Beach

Does your food essentially contain chia seeds eggs, beans and all that’s gluten-free? If yes, rest assured you have found your suitable match - with Marie Anita’s! Pushing the boundaries to create and modify fresh foods to make it feel unusual and tasty, Marie Anita James also believes in strengthening the local community and the organic food growers. Among the menu items they’ve introduced since their inception, organic and gluten-free raw chocolate sauce, vegan French toast, sorghum bread with caramelised banana and walnuts and coconut yoghurt are the highlights.

Mandala Organic Arts Café, Mermaid Beach

This restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Gold Coast, serves all plant-based food prepared with the raw material freshly procured from the on-site vegetable patch. Even a diehard meat lover won't be able to resist the nutritious and flavourful spelt flour base vegan pizzas topped with cashew nut cheese. The restaurant also plays host to musicians every week in its chilled out performance space.


With a host of notable restaurants and café to choose from for organic and clean eats in Brisbane, it couldn’t get easier to stick to a healthy lifestyle. After all, it’s never too late to switch!

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