4 Of The Most Delightful Seafood Platters On The Gold Coast

Gold Coast, the second most populous area in Australia after Brisbane. It is a major tourist destination encompassing a multitude of surfing beaches, theme parks, nightlife and sunny subtropical climate. With over 500 restaurants serving cuisines from cultures all around the world, Gold Coast has earned the reputation of being Australia’s 5th most visited place. Gold Coast’s love for seafood has led to the emergence of an array of eateries serving both fresh and frozen harvest. To help you choose from the restaurants serving seafood platters on the Gold Coast, we have enlisted a few here.

The Lazy Lobster, Marine Parade, Labrador, Queensland

Preparing all their food with the freshest and highest quality ingredients, The Lazy Lobster, one of the best restaurants for dine and wine in Queensland, strives to give you what you deserve – the best. It's not easy to maintain the top-notch quality as there is always a pressure to switch to inferior and cheaper quality ingredients. The family-run restaurant is famous for its steaks and seafood served at their Labrador location among a warm and hospitable atmosphere. While the seafood is procured fresh from the waters, the herbs and garnishes are obtained from the local suppliers to keep the meals as environment-friendly as possible.

Galaxy Seafood and Mediterranean Restaurant, Southport, Queensland

Galaxy Seafood and the Mediterranean command the maximum crowd of seafood lovers in and around the Gold Coast. Offering a hint of both traditional and modern tinge, the restaurant is notable for its friendly environment and exceptional food. It is open seven days a week including the public holidays, and serves small and large groups alike. Plan your next visit to this most well-known and the busiest seafood restaurant in Southport and gorge on the Mediterranean BBQ bugs, Beer Battered Pawns singly or on platters. You can also explore the best restaurants in Gold Cost if you love Mexican food. Southport has many options for you.

George’s Paragon Seafood Restaurant, The Promenade, Sanctuary Cove

$255 for two people with an extra $105 per person is what it takes to enrich you with the scrumptious seafood platter at George’s. The gustatory delights on the platter include fresh king prawns, smoked salmon, BBQ bugs, BBQ prawns, battered garlic prawns and smoked oysters finished with fruits.

Omeros Brothers Seafood Restaurant, Main Beach, Queensland

The restaurant offers waterfront dining at its best in a contemporary, laid-back setting. Boasting of several accolades, this multi-award-winning restaurant is home to simple food with spectacular Broadwater views and beautiful interiors. With a myriad of food and drinks to choose from, the Omeros Bros is your go-to place for any celebration or get together. Priced at $89 per person, the Omeros Indulgence is a selection of hot and cold seafood followed by the main course ending with the sweet delights.


There is no dearth of the culinary experts serving you with the most delicious, fresh and high-quality seafood on the Gold Coast. Apart from being a toothsome savoury, seafood is valuable for more reasons than one. It is low in fat and rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, proteins, vitamins & minerals.

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