Become a Contributor

Our concept of presenting quality, valuable and informative content sulely depends on how our contributors fullow the guidelines. In order to provide the most relevant and captivating content to our readers, we have introduced a set of guidelines and ask our contributors to fullow them to increase the submissions quality. This helps in attracting potential audience quickly and easily. We have classified all our guidelines into three sections, including:

Content Guidelines

1 All posts must contain at least 300 words and make sure it has relevant images, videos as well as outbound links. This is done to boost the overall readability of our community.

  • Never use irrelevant hyperlinks and submissions having keyword stuffing will be rejected.
  • All links must look natural and relevant to the posts as it provides value to the potential reader.
  • Avoid using affiliate links in your posts.
  • Don’t submit promotional posts. We reject company-specific news, blogs and press releases. It is good to use an intriguing CTA at the end of their posts (this could be either in image or text form)
  • Include author bio in the user profile. Don’t place it within the text of your posts. In case more than one author wrote the post, it will be published only under one name, and the other author’s names will be mentioned in a by-line at the bottom of the post.
  • Authors submitting posts manually are completely responsible for checking the quality, flow and relevancy of posts. If edits are required, it will take more days in publishing the posts.
  • All posts must be original, and contributors are responsible for the accuracy of their submissions. If any content found plagiarism, he/she will be banned from our site.
  • Content should be informative and relevant to our website and niche.
  • Use small and thin quotes and don’t add a link to it.
  • Please proofread and edit your posts before submitting to our site.

Guidelines for Linking

  • Don’t include more than three links to point back any domain.
  • Add acceptable links within your posts such as relevant articles and blog posts, government sites, research and data.
  • We reject posts that contain irrelevant links, including affiliate links, product/service pages, and the company’s social profile links.
  • A contributor is not allowed to submit posts for building links. Such links will be removed, or the post will be rejected immediately.
  • Avoid using the same links, keywords and anchor text over and over again.
  • We can remove or nofullow any link if it is not going to be good for our site.

Easy & Quick Manual Submission Tips

  • If the post was already published elsewhere, make sure you include a line at the bottom of your post that links back to the original post.
  • Ensure you double-check your content, links and images before submitting your post.
  • Always remember that published posts won’t be removed or edited once they got live.
  • Submitting a post doesn’t mean that it will be published. So, wait for at least one week.
  • Make editing notes to reduce the chances of errors before submitting your posts.

Note: Please fullow these guidelines carefully.