5 Must-Eat Dishes When You Are In Brisbane!

Brisbane – the capital city of Queensland is not only reckoned for its liveability, great economy, and friendly people. It is world-renowned for its delicious food and drinks which has developed due to various global communities being in one place. Over the years, the food scene of Brisbane has grown exponentially with various affordable as well as fine dining dishes being available for consumption by locals, migrants, and tourists. So, if you are planning to visit this beautiful city and want to eat the best the place has to offer, here is your complete guide by expert foodies outlining five must-eat dishes when you are in Brisbane. Have a look.

1. Gonuts by Flour and Chocolate

If you are looking for delicious bites to eat on the go or enjoy with coffee, then do visit Flour and Chocolate to enjoy their delicious Gonuts which are a modern take on the classic Cronuts. It is one of the best desserts to sate your sweet tooth and have fun eating. While enjoying the Gonuts you can explore the menu of the eatery to eat some of the best patisserie of the city.

2. Bee Sting Wings by King of the Wings Food Truck

Food trucks are excellent places to enjoy food that travels on wheels and in Brisbane you should definitely try the Bee Sting Wings by the King of the Wings. With a bright orange van, the food truck can have long line of people to eat their delicious meals. If you spot the tuck then make sure you start by ordering the Bee sting Wings!

3. Tonkotsu Ramen by Taro’s Ramen

Satiate your craving for ramen by ordering the Tonkotsu Ramen at this popular eatery that is the undisputed and one of the best restaurants in Brisbane open for dining-in or takeaway.  With a rich broth, made to perfection noodles, and other authentic ingredients, the Tonkotsu Ramen is to die for. Do try it along with sides such as chicken karaage and gyoza.

4. Any Burger at Ze Pickle

Visit this burger bar with a vengeance to eat as many burgers as you can. They have an assortment of delicious and hearty burgers that you can enjoy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The best way to enjoy any of the burgers is with a side of sweet potato fries and craft beer.

5. Breakfast Carbonara by Morning After, West End

After a fun night with friends all anyone wants is a delicious and filling breakfast the next morning. Therefore, you should definitely try the breakfast carbonara by Morning After restaurant in Brisbane.  The dish has flat pasta noodles, guanciale, sauce, and 63-degree hen eggs that make it irresistible. Visit any of these restaurants or eateries without any worry as they comply with COVID-19 safety rules, follow public health directions and provide delicious food fit for consumption.


Brisbane is a hub of savoury and sweet foods that can tickle your tastebud and make you enjoy dishes like never before. So, if you are new in Brisbane then please try the dishes mentioned above to have a heavenly food experience.  

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