5 Best Restaurants For Mexican Delights In Gold Coast

When in Gold Coast, you don’t really have to travel far to spot an excellent Mexican restaurant. The love for Mexican food has led to the unfolding of a delightful array of food joints serving Australia’s foodies with the best tacos and their culinary kin! If you’re setting out to hunt for the best Mexican delights Gold Coast has to offer, rest assured you won't be disappointed with a host of gastronomic delights available all around you! We have listed the five best ones:

Bonita Bonita

Location: Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast

At Bonita Bonita, it’s all about fun, delicious food and satisfying service. Employing a fresh and contemporary approach to the Mexican cuisine, the restaurant has become an unmissable destination for locals and travellers alike. Head after 5 PM for some real, genuine and freshly prepared meal set aesthetically on your plate. While you’re planning to pay a visit, don’t forget to reserve a table for added convenience!

California Tacos

Location: Burleigh Heads

If you’ve tacos on your mind, don’t think twice and head to California Tacos, the award-winning Tijuana-inspired cuisine on the Gold Coast, Australia. The delectable food served here has earned a reputation for being healthy and mouth-watering delicious at the same time. Unwind, relax and find yourself in the Mexican food heaven with the best that Mexican hospitality has to offer in Gold Coast. What’s more? All their bases are covered with beef, chicken, pork or fish and cactus for the vegetarians.

Guzman Y Gomez

Location: Oracle Boulevard, Broadbeach, Queensland

GYG is all about food and infusing the essence of real Mexican flavour in every bite. Whether it’s the ingredients, the source of food or the method with which it is prepared, their motto is to pour passion into every dish. The likes of Guzman have actually helped in raising the reputation of Mexican cuisine all across the Gold Coast. At the same time, chefs at Guzman being a part of the healthy Mexican food wave believe that they have changed people’s perception of the health quotient of this favourite food.


Location: Nobby Beach, Queensland.

Mexicali is one of the most celebrated restaurants for Mexcian food. The pork belly tacos paired with Carne Asada Fries are flawlessly pleasant, adding to the high reputation of this restaurant. Taco Tuesdays at Mexicali are famous for serving $5 a pop, with diners swarming the place for food and entertainment alike. Covering a large portion of Nobby Beach, the strikingly bright, illuminated billboards and the balcony view of the restaurant is a crowd-pleaser for a reason! Nobby Beach has numerous popular Italian Caffe Lattes as well. If you are a coffee lover and want to explore your taste buds, then this place is perfect for you.

Goodness Gracias

Location: Palm Beach, Gold Coast

Next time you need to gorge on the lip-smacking Mexican food without having to worry about your expanding waistline, head to Goodness Gracias. The authentic Mexican food is served with the health factor on the mind – offering plenty of gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options to choose from. You can safely rely on the Goodness Gracias team for serving you with a hybrid of healthy, safe and fresh takeaway food prepared with authentic Mexican ingredients.


Don’t hold back; and treat yourself with the choicest and best quality Mexican meal from these award-winning restaurants pulled from all over the Gold Coast.

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